2018 Schedule

This fall, NCFHA will host a series of clinics and competitions at University of California’s Underhill Field in Berkeley, CA. Over the course of 10 weekends, six women’s teams will practice and compete in an environment that promotes skill development and community building. The cost will be $180 per person and you will no longer need an active USFHA membership.

September 9th is Opening Weekend! New players are invited for a getting-to-know-you skills session in the morning, while NCFHA returning members will join mid-morning for a full group clinic and first set of competitions. In the afternoon, we will enjoy open field time with our men’s partner organization, BAFHA.

Fall series begins September 22nd: From September 22nd through December 15th, NCFHA will host 10 clinics and competitions. The first two weekends will focus on 30-minute sessions, followed by hour-long sessions through the remainder of the schedule. On two occasions, November 18th and December 15th, we will also host play-days to build community with other hockey players in the area.

Detailed Schedule:

9-Sep Opening Weekend
SUNDAY 8:30 AM New Player check-in & clinic
9:15 AM New Player scrimmage
10:30 AM Returning Player clinic
11:45 AM Kerries vs. Silkies
12:20 PM Feisties vs. Foxies
12:55 PM Irish vs. Scotchies
22-Sep 8:00 AM Irish vs. Foxies
SATURDAY 8:35 AM Scotchies vs. Kerries
9:10 AM Feisties vs. Silkies
9:45 AM Kerries vs. Irish
10:20 AM Foxies vs. Silkies
10:55 AM Scotchies vs. Feisties
6-Oct 8:00 AM Kerries vs. Foxies
SATURDAY 8:35 AM Silkies vs. Scotchies
9:10 AM Feisties vs. Irish
9:45 AM Irish vs. Silkies
10:20 AM Kerries vs. Feisties
10:55 AM Foxies vs. Scotchies
20-Oct 8:00 AM Irish vs. Foxies
SATURDAY 9:15 AM Scotchies vs. Kerries
10:30 AM Feisties vs. Silkies
3-Nov 8:00 AM Kerries vs. Irish
SATURDAY 9:15 AM Foxies vs. Silkies
10:30 AM Scotchies vs. Feisties
10-Nov 8:00 AM Kerries vs. Foxies
SATURDAY 9:15 AM Silkies vs. Scotchies
10:30 AM Feisties vs. Irish
18-Nov 8:00 AM Irish vs. Silkies
SUNDAY 9:15 AM Kerries vs. Feisties
10:30 AM Foxies vs. Scotchies
1-Dec 8:00 AM Kerries vs. Silkies
SATURDAY 9:15 AM Feisties vs. Foxies
10:30 AM Irish vs. Scotchies
8-Dec 8:00 AM 5th vs. 6th
SATURDAY 9:15 AM 3rd vs. 4th
10:30 AM 1st vs. 2nd
15-Dec 8 am – 12pm NCFHA HOLIDAY PLAY-DAY
SATURDAY End of year meeting