For full details, please visit the New Player Day info page.

New Player Day (NPD) has finally been booked, sorry for the very late notice! We will hold NPD next Sunday, September 18th at Foothill College!

The game(s) will begin promptly at 1 PM, but we require new players to arrive between 12 and 12:30 PM so that we may check you in, give you your number, and collect/confirm your NCFHA number. Below I have listed the address for the school, we will be playing in Foothill’s football field. The entrance to the field is the first right after you enter the campus from El Monte road. Payment for the league must be made prior to NPD. (

Location – Foothill College: 12345 El Monte Rd, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Remember to wear shin guards and a mouth guard. Please also wear or bring both a white shirt and a black/dark shirt. Most importantly, don’t forget your stick!

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about joining our league, New Player Day, or any other questions, please contact:

Suraj Sharma,


August 2016 – Fall 2016 League Updates

The NCFHA Board and Captains are still in the process of securing fields for the 2016 Fall Season! We will email out updates we we get them to existing members. If you are new to area and would like to play with NCFHA this fall, please register here.  Please also Like our Facebook page for the latest updates!

NCFHA Board and Captains Meeting

Date: 1/24/2016
In attendance: Margie, Bonnie, Jasmine, Christine, Peggy, Jenna, Sam, Meredith, Kendra, and Kelly

Meeting Minutes:

1. Fields

Field issues and options were discussed in depth.While the Board still considers Stanford the first choice for field space, newly imposed restrictions on field usage at Stanford may mean that Stanford would be unavailable to the league. Therefore, while simultaneously working to find ways to use the Stanford field, the Board will investigate other options. A sub-committee will be formed to investigate different options for next year. The committee will consider location, surface, availability/scheduling, and cost in investigating potential options. They will reach out to the league for input once options are understood further.

2. Spring playing

  • We would like to hold open spring practices. The specifics of location, cost, time, coach etc. still need to be worked through.
  • We are investigating a competitive spring league with outside clubs

3. Budget update

The budget was healthy this year. Revenue exceeded expenses for the first time in three years.

4. Lessons learned and miscellaneous

  • Communication of dues and what drives the amount needs to be improved
  • How can we ensure we have good referee coverage for next year
  • We need a formal process to determine if and how fees are reduced for players who cannot afford dues
  • Investigate a reduced league fee for “young alumni” (high school or college)
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a Masters (40+) league

Hello NCFHAers,

We are very excited to announce the schedule for the Fall 2015 season of NCFHA! Games start next Sunday, September 20 and run through the second week in December. We have 7 weeks of regular play and 2 weeks of playoffs on the schedule. The majority of the games are at the Stanford field hockey turf we know and love. Three weeks will be held at James Logan High School in Union City, right across the Dumbarton Bridge from Stanford. We were happy to find this great astroturf field for weeks when Stanford is not available.

Dues for the coming season will be $160. These fees cover the astroturf facilities for the 9 weeks of play, umpires, and an on-site trainer (who I personally used twice last year ?).

Hope to see you all on the turf either for the pre-season scrimmage tomorrow, Sept 13, or for the first day of regular season play on Sept 20. We are looking forward to a fun and competitive 2015 season!


Margy Gentile
President NCFHA

Hello NCFHA-ers,

We have a few announcements about new board members, open positions, and the upcoming season that we’d like to share with you.

New Board Members and Open Positions
In the spring, we took nominations for open board positions.  We received single nominations for several positions, making elections un-needed.
Please welcome new board members:
President- Margy Gentile
Vice President- Jessica Hendricks
Secretary- Linda Swan (returning)
Founders Chair- Christine Couteau
New Player Chair- Bailey Siewert
Webmaster- Heidi Faith (returning)

These new board members are joined by our existing board member Jasmine Hellings (Treasurer).

Many thanks to Gina Sanders, Katie Holcomb, and the rest of last season’s board members for all the work they put in for the league!

There are still several open positions we’d like to fill, so please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved:   Marketing Chair and Umpires Chair.  For Marketing Chair, we’re looking for somebody savvy with social media to get the word out about the league through Facebook, Twitter, etc.   The Umpire Chair is a critical position in charge of scheduling league umpires (no umpiring skills are necessary for this position. There will be plenty of support from umpiring vets, like Christine Couteau, to help with connecting with the pool of qualified umpires).

Upcoming Season
We are continuing to work on scheduling our upcoming season.  We have been talking with Stanford coaches and facilities and are optimistic that we will be able to secure time for a full season on the Stanford turf.  However, we will not likely know for sure if we have the Stanford field for another month or so and we are evaluating other options, like the new Cal varsity turf, in the meantime in case any issues come up with the Stanford turf.  It is our goal to have the full season on the books by the end of August before people take off for Labor day and to begin the season on or around September 13.

We will keep you all posted and look forward to playing with you all this fall,

Margy Gentile
President NCFHA

Summer 2015 Session
6:30-8pm at Stanford.
June 24, July 1, 22 & 29
Free for NCFHA Members.

Greetings NCFHA members,

I have a few exciting updates for you:

1. I am happy to report that we are underway with booking field time at Stanford for the upcoming 2015 fall season. If all goes right, we should have a full season with all games played at Stanford this year. This is very exciting news and Sam Salvia has been relentlessly working with Stanford to get this situated. Thank you, Sam!

2. It’s time to hold NCFHA board elections. There are a lot of positions available this season. In the past we have gotten off track with elections and making sure the typical full 2-year terms are fulfilled, so we are taking this year to get back on track with the correct year rotations. Therefore, some open positions are 1-year and some are 2-year terms.

Nominations are being accepted at this time and will stay open until Friday, April 24th. Please nominate yourself or someone you feel will fit the position. Inquiries will be made to all those nominated to make sure they are willing to be on the final ballot and accept the roles and responsibilities of the position they are nominated for.

Click here to open the 2015 NCFHA board nominations form.

Thank you again for being a part of Bay Area women’s field hockey! We appreciate the support throughout last season and look forward to a better 2015 season.

Gina Sanders

President NCFHA

Hello NCFHA-ers!

We know you have all been patiently waiting to hear the details about this pending season, and we want to thank you for that first and foremost.

The board and captains have been working tirelessly to determine the future of this 2014 NCFHA season. As you all are aware, we had an incredibly difficult time finding a location to host games this season. The board and the captains have discussed the situation at hand and have concluded that ending the season at this point is in the best interest of our league and players. In exchange for this shortened season the league is prepared to do the following:

1. Offer full-time and half-time players a 50% refund of paid league dues for this season
2. Host 2 pick-up days for NCFHA players
3. Host an end-of-season tournament for all NCFHA players

We expect you all will have some questions about these decisions, so we have put together an FAQ of sorts to try to answer some of those inquires in advance.

• A refunded check or PayPal credit of $62.50 will be reimbursed to you based on the method you used to pay league dues unless you notify us otherwise.
• Info about the two pick-up days:
Berkeley High School – Sunday, November 16th from 1-3pm
Stanford – Sunday, November 23rd from 1-3pm
• The end-of-season, NCFHA only tournament will likely be held in early December at Stanford. This tournament will be played within your respective league teams but modified to 7v7 or 8v8 style, with umpires and a trainer. As soon as we solidify the date and time with Stanford, we will let you know so you can save the date and begin corresponding availability with your captains.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of how we arrived at the 50% refund figure:
In a regular season:
16 league games
+ ~2 playoff games
=18 games/season

This season:
6 league games
+ 1 game (equivalent of one pick-up day at Homestead HS, one pick-up day at Berkeley HS, one pick-up day at Stanford)
+ 2 games (equivalent of one end-of-season tournament)
= 9 games or approximately half of a regular season

Cost of a regular season is $125
Cost of this season is $62.50

If you have questions regarding anything in this email please direct them to (Make sure to include your name and which NCFHA team you are on so we can streamline our communication.)

We appreciate your support and understanding through this season’s difficulties. We are truly trying to make the best decisions for the league and give you all the most playing opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you on the field this weekend for pick-up at Berkeley HS!

Hockey Rah!

Hello NCFHA Members,

Been hearing from a lot of people lately from many different avenues! It’s great to see the excitement from everyone!!!

To answer everyone’s questions… YES, we are having a Fall Season! We are just waiting from Stanford for field rental dates and times. We all can see the Stanford Field Hockey schedule but there are other organizations to consider for the field rental. This tends to happen each year, but this year seems to be tougher than others.

Here are a few topics:

1. We are trying to have New Player Day (NPD) on Sept 6th or 7th (weekend after Labor Day). However, we are still unsure about getting field time at Stanford. Any High School coaches out there willing to see if we can use their school’s turf for 3 hours one of those days?

2. Know anyone who would be awesome for our league? Have them register here! We are looking for any and all players, especially goalies! Margy Gentile from the Fiesties is our New Player Chair.

3. We are hoping to start our Sunday Fall League on Sunday Sept 14th. Again, we are waiting on Stanford and will keep you posted!

4. Captains reach out to your team about Full Time and Half time availability. We will need to know returning rosters before NPD. Captains, please submit your rosters to Linda Swan

5. Dues for this season are $120 per player. Payment is for 14 games and at least 2 playoff games, field turf rental, officials and on site trainer. Payments can be made via paypal or a check to captains the first day. Note: Paypal will be $125 to cover the fee NCFHA incurs for this service.

6. Uniforms. Your entire team needs to be in the same color socks. There will no longer be any mismatching socks for the teams. This will help the officials tremendously.

  • Kerries- Dark Blue
  • Silkes- Light Blue
  • Fiesties- Black
  • Westies- Green
  • Irish- Yellow
  • Ishies- White (or White Orange Tie-Dye)
  • Pups- Purple
  • Foxies- Red

Again, we all appreciate your patience and LOVE the excitement! Looking forward to a great season!

-Gina Sanders

NCFHA President

Schedule for NorPac/Pac12 local collegiate teams – Cal, Stanford, Davis and Pacific) has been posted. View here >>